Purple Haze

Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Purple Haze

Taupo is marveled for its stunning views of the mountains especially Mt. Ruapehu, I made it my mission to photograph this beauty but as luck would have it the middle of New Zealand winter did not give me a fighting chance, cloudy every day with consistent snowfall. 


I had enough of watching the days go by without capturing this masterpiece, come sunset I set up with the blistering cold winds... Nothing, I was ready to give up and knew I just wasn't meant to get this image. It all turned, a gap in the clouds to my right pierced the light through hitting mountain, although she only gave me 60% visibility the rest was far made up with the purple hue that surrounded, the silhouettes of the surrounding mountains acted like painted layers to the frame, to what a magnificent frozen evening. 

Limited Edition

1st Print Run

of 50

42"x 14"

© By Bradley Basten 2020 ©

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