Imperial Glow

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Imperial Glow

Upon an eventful trip focusing on the San Francisco skyline from the Yerba Buena Island, I researched a location I wanted to shoot from, a small beach tucked underneath bay bridge but to the demise of my plan it had been taken over by the US costal control, In this another idea formed, rather than giving up I continued to scale this small island where I managed to get lost on a building site, escaping through a hole in the fence, the trees opened up to this grand view, but no light... Sunset began and the sky was dull but the clouds to my right had already turned, with no actual interest I stood my ground and it happened, I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets with so much drama and passion in the sky, juxtaposed with the city creeping into the night hours. Was an evening I will always remember.

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper

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