Standing on the top of the Old Bridge Tower (Staroměstská mostecká věž), Looking over the old town through the connecting Charles Bridge, leads our eyes onto the charming nightly draw, as the city lights turn on and the sunsets 'Kingdom' has been one of harder photographs to capture, not through countless trips and failed attempts but through sheer planning and space to shoot. This was one of the more iconic places I wanted to photograph when researching Prague but given when you get to the top of the tower, you are greeted with about 1m between the back wall and the front, a one way round system and is incredibly difficult to pass other people let alone set up a tripod. I had invested into a small professional-grade tripod which was precariously balanced on a small opening to shoot. one hand by the side of my camera in case it was to slip and fall a good 45m to its certain death, trying to tackle filters and lenses to create my desired setup all in the meantime people poking over my shoulder to take a snap of the prime central location I had set up 1 hour before sunset to bag. Although it was tough, the end result provided me with the full validation the proper planning gives you the best chance of achieving a great outcome.

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Czech Republic