Pastel Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Pastel Prague

What can only be described as one of my coldest photographic mornings to date, -3°C at the top of Letenská Hill, provided me with some of the best views across the whole of Prague with the countless rooftops, bridges, smoke-filled chimneys, paired with being able to watch this historic character-filled city come to life was a real treat. I was also extremely lucky to have captured this on such an unusual morning, the whole scene had this pink glow, just behind me where the sun was supposed to rise saw a portion of lighter cloud which allowed the sun to shine through with but with no definition on the clouds, in turn, casting the morning colour creating a very surreal experience, to not only be apart of but to share within my own portfolio.

Limited Edition

1st Print Run

of 30

of 50

60"x 20"

30"x 10"

© By Bradley Basten 2020 ©

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