San Francisco, USA

Limited Edition

1st Print Run

of 30

of 50

30"x 45"

16"x 24"

On what seemed to be an uneventful sunset upon the 'Iconic' Battery Spencer viewpoint, the more time I spent with this image, the more I came to appreciate it's fine details. The peaceful subdue moments of the setting sun casting its final rays onto the Golden Gate Bridge, just clipping the tallest towers in the city center. A clear sky made for the perfect backdrop, its blue to orange ombre was pivotal in aiding the structure stood out. By this point, all the other photographers had packed up and were on the way out, I felt that this tranquil scene was one that everyone looked past. Standing on the cliff edge feeling the temperature slowly decline as the brisk winds picked up, this moment captured was truly keeping with the San Francisco atmosphere.

© By Bradley Basten 2020 ©

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