Valensole, France


After a washed-out sunset and what seemed like all hope lost, I packed my gear up and started to head back to the hotel, the recent winds from the Sahara Desert had blown sand across the Northern Hemisphere masking out the sun along the horizon. But out of nowhere on the drive back I caught the clouds slightly turning and as if by magic this dreamscape like scene opened up before me.

A sea of sunflowers in the foreground and a burning orange sky developing in the background, I pride myself on being prepared and scouting my locations but sometimes nature does its thing and throws you a curveball. Having to act quickly and wanting to absorb the whole scene in a focus-stacked, HDR-Panoramic made a total image count of 45 single photos merged together, a true privilege to witness.

Limited Edition

1st Print Run

of 30

of 50

60"x 20"

30"x 10"

© By Bradley Basten 2020 ©

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