Bradley Basten


Growing up in the ever-evolving digital world, I was exposed to photography and quickly fell in love. Practicing from the age of 13, I was able to venture out and experiment with my little camera, slowly blossoming my skills and studying the subject in school. I continued with my studies in Brighton, undertaking a UAL Arts Diploma in Photography at Brighton MET college – taking the opportunity to learn commercial photography, portraiture, and film.


At 16, I started exploring my options in the real world and ventured into wedding photography. Gaining experience at such a young age, I was able to grasp looking after clients and providing them with the professional service they were looking for. Focusing on weddings was another amazing chance to grow and discover what I really enjoyed.


As a hobby, I would practice landscape photography. This is and was where my passion truly lay. Combining my love for travel, adventure, and landscape photography, I was opened to a world full of endless sceneries to capture. Traveling across the globe to New Zealand at the end of 2018, was where I genuinely got to play around more and focus on my landscapes. I was then able to explore parts of San Francisco, France, Sicily and many more!


After college, I turned down the offer to go to university and worked part-time to upgrade my camera equipment. Lockdown gave me the perfect excuse to learn videography and video editing skills, once these skills developed, I scored my first job as a videographer in London. Now in my early twenties, I am working as a professional videographer, pursuing freelance gigs, and continuing my passion for landscape photography.

The future entails converting a van into a home on wheels to travel the UK and eventually Europe. Nature and exploration are where I’m happiest. I plan on creating a vlog of said travels which will be uploaded on my YouTube channel, keeping you in the loop and bringing you along on my adventures!


The Forest School, Horsham, United Kingdom 


SEPTEMBER 2011 - JULY  2016

Brightion MET, Brighton, United Kindom

UAL Diploma

SEPTEMBER 2016 - JULY  2018

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