Bradley Basten


So this is where I get to say a little something about me. Born June 2000, In an English City named Brighton, As a photographer growing up in the 21st century I have a millennial eye for photography, being able to access the digital world from a young age, I first got into the practice when I was just 13, slowly blossomed my skills and went on to study the subject at School.

I soon began to discover my love for the art and turned into my dream. In order to branch my learning, I undertook a UAL Arts Diploma in photography at Brighton MET. During this time I explored many different photographic options ranging from commercial photography, portraiture & film work. Now I have gone into the ‘real world', working full-time in order to fuel my passion into a career. I have enjoyed the challenge and love exploring new locations, always ready for the next adventure. I plan to explore and travel as much as possible in order to pursue my dream.


I will continue to share my passion with the world and I hope this gives you a little insight to the man behind the photographs.


The Forest School, Horsham, United Kingdom 


SEPTEMBER 2011 - JULY  2016

Brightion MET, Brighton, United Kindom

UAL Diploma

SEPTEMBER 2016 - JULY  2018

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